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In Conversation with the Author

Just to warn you, this is a twitter post. Even worse, it’s a twitter is great because… post. So you’ve been warned okay.

A couple of times recently I’ve commented on a book I’ve been reading on twitter and mentioned the author in my post. Both times the author has promptly replied in a very genuine way. Twitter enables that sort of instant gratification dialog with someone who you wouldn’t normally get a chance to interact with. It succeeds because there is no obligation or onus on the recipient of an @ message to respond.

The first time this happened was with Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) when I commented that I was a bit disappointed with his book that it didn’t really cater for the more knowledgeable audience and was a bit basic for me. His response and his disappointment that I hadn’t enjoyed it was really heartfelt.

The second time this happened was just yesterday when I received a reply from Tom Chatfield (@tomchatfield). I’d just received his book, Fun Inc.; Why games are the 21st century’s most serious business. I mentioned that I hoped the book goes beyond the usual games are important anecdotes, facts and figures that are generally rolled out on this topic. His reply was simple and to the point. “you and me both”.

I don’t think this sort of dialog would have been possible in the past without significant investment of time and effort on both sides.


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Friday, January 22nd, 2010 Social Media 13 Comments